Phillip Lord

Above the bay at Abersoch, 2005 Above the bay at Abersoch, 2005

I am a lecturer at the School of Computing Science at Newcastle since Sept, 2005. I teach mostly on the MSc Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, which is run from Computing Science, but taught by quite a few schools (five at the last count!) from within the University.

My research covers a variety of different areas; mostly it focuses on the use of ontological technology in biology, or more generally mechanisms for presenting and publishing scientific information. I am currently developing Tawny-OWL, a library which allows fully programmatic development of ontologies. Development and application of this library is covered in my journal.

I also developed the idea of the Knowledge Blog which has been supported by Ontogenesis Network, and has resulted in the start of a Ontology Encyclopedia. Part of this work recently appeared on the Guardian science blogs. You can read many of my papers and current research in my journal.

Previously, I have worked on a wide variety of projects, including ONDEX which is a data integration framework for systems biology, and the CARMEN project, which is providing support for the sharing and resuse of neurosciences data and early projects such as myGrid and ComparaGRID.

I Support PLoS - Public Library of Science

Disclaimer: This is my personal website, and represents my opinion. My formal pages and those of the school and university are linked above.