Cinema is a application with a long history and has had several different incarnations. This is a page about the version that I wrote. Cinema itself is now available here. This version of Cinema is now largely obsolete. The version that obsoleted it is part of the Utopia toolkit. For replacements to the libraries that we developed, the BioJava project is excellent.

At the current time Cinema is only available as a single "source and binary" download. In time I shall package it as a binary only distribution which should reduce the size considerably.

Licensing information. All of the files have been marked as copyright to their respective owners. In short its released under a combination of LGPL and GPL.

There are also several other pieces of software in the download bundles. These are currently the xerces parser, and the java-getopts library. The licensing information for these files is included in the doc/ subdirectory of the download.

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