Welcome to Phil's Wonderful World of Renewal Energy

In our society, we have a bit of a EnergyProblem in the modern world. We use much more of it than in the past. Most of our energy comes from NonRenewable sources of energy. This faces us with two main problems

- We are going to run out of Energy - We are causing a serious GlobalWarming problem.

This set of pages is my meagre and pitiful contribution toward combating these problems. While you should bear in mind the Disclaimer, I've put these pages up because I thought it would be nice to have a place to put some of my wilder ideas. I hope that some other people will find them entertaining or even thought provoking.

In these pages, I discuss as many ways as I possibly can to generate Energy in a newer and more Renewable fashion than at present, such as a AirSeeSaw, a AirShipThermalSaltSedimentor, or a EusocialInsectHeatPump. I am not sure that all of these ideas are actually practical or, indeed, even work at all.

Updated: 24-04-14
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