I am an experienced scientific paper reviewer, having reviewed for both conferences and journals, and papers at all different stages of the scientific process, from the initial idea, through to complete work. I can provide accurate, rapid and rich evaluation of work. My main areas of expertise are bioinformatics and ontologies, although I can review for many different areas of computing. Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to review a paper.

My charges for reviewing are outlined here. All prices are in GBP sterling, and must be paid to me in GBP. Where article charges are not in GBP, I will base charges on the GBP conversion at the time that I agree to review the paper. Prices are for "standard" articles of around 8 pages. Longer articles or book chapters will attract higher fees.

Copyright on reviews will remain with me, and you will be granted a right to use the review under a CC-BY license; this requires attribution so, of course, and I do not expect anonymity from authors. I will respect the privacy of the paper authors and will not publish the review until publication of their paper.

Please note that I am a scientific reviewer and not a copy-editor. Reviews will not include an extensive grammar, spelling or style check and will generally only comment on these issues where they cause substantial difficulties with comprehensibility.

I will return reviews within three weeks from the point at which I accept the review. If I cannot make this deadline, you will be informed before acceptance. I will consider priority jobs for a higher fee. If I fail to meet a deadline, of course, I will expect no payment; I cannot, unfortunately, agree to late penalty charges.

Open Access Papers

I prefer to review open access publications. Prices are based on the article publication fees.

For articles with fees less than £200, I will review for free, subject to availability. If you wish to pay me, then, of course, you are welcome to do so, and I will take this into consideration when considering my availability.

For articles with fees greater than £200, I will review for a fee equivalent to 15% of the open access fee.

Closed Access Papers

If you offer an open access equivalent for the same journal, then I charge 20% of these article fees.

If an open access equivalent is not offered, then I charge a flat fee of £600.

Reviewer Suggestions

I am, of course, happy to suggest alternate reviewers for papers. My fees for this is £60 for three reviewers. I cannot, of course, guarantee that they will agree to review papers for you.


The motivation behind these reviewing policy is discussed in my article.

Disclaimer: This is my personal website, and represents my opinion. My formal pages and those of the school and university are linked above.