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School of Computing Science,
University of Newcastle upon Tyne,
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU
United Kingdom


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Research interests:

PhD students:

  • Kier Storey - distributed collision detection techniques (PASSED 2007)
  • Simon Parkin - scalable service level agreement implementations (PASSED 2007)
  • Fengyun (Michelle) Lu - message dissemination schemes for distributed virtual environments (PASSED 2006)
  • Julian Zhuleidynamic content management in runtime simulations


  • Middleware Services for Scalable Networked Virtual Environments
    Project funding: EPSRC
    Project timescale: April 2003 - March 2006
  • Trusted Coordination in Dynamic Virtual Organisations
    Project funding: EPSRC
    Project timescale: September 2003 - August 2006
  • Networked Computing in Inter-Organisation Settings
    Project Funding: EPSRC
    Project timescale: October 2005  -  September 2010


  • CSC842 - Computer Environments - module leader
  • CSC337 - Computer Game Development - module leader
  • CSC265 - Software Engineering Group Project - group monitor

BSc/MSc projects (topics):

  • Collision detection
  • Distributed virtual environments
  • Game development
  • Message oriented middleware
  • Fault tolerance
  • Group communications
  • Internet auctions


  • Senior Warden at Castle Leazes halls of residence
  • University student disciplinary panel member
  • School of computing colloquia series organiser
  • Joint Honours/Combined Studies co-ordinator


  • Evolutionary Optimization of Parameters for Distributed Virtual Environments , Parkin, SE, Andras, P, & Morgan, G, IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), Singapore, September, 2007,  [ pdf ]
  • A Message Oriented Middleware Solution Enabling Non-repudiation Evidence Generation for Reliable Web Services, Parkin, S., Ingham, D., Morgan, G., 4th International Service Availability Symposium, ISAS 2007, Durham, NH, USA, May 2007 , [ pdf ]
  • Load Balancing for Massively Multiplayer Online GamesLu, F., Parkin, S. E., Morgan, G., In the Proceedings of NETGAMES 2006, ACM SIGCOMM, Singapore, October 2006 [ pdf  ]
  • Transaction Manager Failover: A Case Study Using JBOSS Application Server, A. I. Kistijantoro, G. Morgan, S. K. Shrivastava, International Workshop on Reliability in Decentralized Distributed systems (RDDS 2006), Montpellier, France, Oct 30, 2006 [ pdf  ]
  • Managing Missed Interactions in Distributed Virtual Environments, Parkin, S. E., Andras, P., Morgan, G.,  Proceedings of the 12th Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments, Lisbon, Portugal, 8th - 10th, ACM Eurographics, pp. 27 - 34, May 2006 [ pdf  
  • Monitoring Middleware for Service Level Agreements in Heterogeneous Environments, Morgan, G., Parkin, S., Molina-Jimenez, C., Skene, J., In the proceedings of the fifth IFIP conference on e-Commerce, e-Business, and e-Government (I3E 2005), Poznan, Poland, October 26-28, IFIP Volume 189 pp. 79-93, 2005[ pdf  ]
  • Interest Management Middleware for Networked GamesMorgan, G., Lu, F. and Storey, K., In Proceedings of the I3D 2005. ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, Washington, DC, April 3-6, 2005   pp. 57-63 ACM SIGGRAPH 2005[ pdf  ]
  • Scalable Collision Detection for Massively Multiplayer Online GamesMorgan, G. and Storey, K., In Proceedings of the IEEE 19th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA '05), March 25-30, 2005, Taipei, Taiwan   Volume 1 pp. 873-878 IEEE Computer Society 2005[ pdf  ]
  • Expanding Spheres: A Collision Detection Algorithm for Interest Management in Networked GamesMorgan, G., Storey, K., Lu, F., In Proceedings of the Entertainment Computing – ICEC 2004: Third International Conference, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 1-3 Rauterberg, M. (ed) Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 3166 pp. 435 - 440, Springer-Verlag 2004 [ pdf  ]
  • Determining Collisions between Moving Spheres for Distributed Virtual EnvironmentsStorey, K., Lu, F., Morgan, G., Computer Graphics International (CGI'04), Crete, June 16 - 19, 2004, pp. 140-147,  IEEE Computer Society Press 2004 [ pdf ]
  • Portal Replication for Web Application Availability Via SOAPWoodman, S.J., Morgan, G. and Parkin, S., In Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-time Dependable Systems (WORDS 2003), Guadalajara, Mexico, 15-17 January 2003   pp. 122-130, IEEE Computer Society Press 2003, [ pdf  ]
  • Predictive Interest Management: An Approach to Managing Message Dissemination for Distributed Virtual EnvironmentsMorgan, G., Lu, F., In Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Interactive Rich Media Content Production: Architectures, Technologies, Applications, Tools (Richmedia2003) 2003, [ pdf  ]
  • Component Replication in Distributed Systems: a Case study using Enterprise Java BeansKistijantoro A. I., Morgan G. , Shrivastava S. K., Little M. C., In Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium On Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS), Florence, Italy   pp. 89-98, IEEE Computer Society Press 2003, [ pdf  ]
  • Measuring the Cost of Scalability and Reliability for Internet-Based, Server-Centered ApplicationsEzhilchelvan, P.D., Khayyambashi, M.R., Morgan, G. and Palmer, D., In Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems (WORDS 2001), Rome, Italy, 8-10 January 2001   pp. 59-68, IEEE Computer Society Press 2001, [ pdf ]
  • A Dependable Distributed Auction System: Architecture and an Implementation FrameworkEzhilchelvan, P.D. and Morgan, G., In Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems (ISADS 2001), Dallas, Texas, USA, 26-28 March 2001   pp. 3-10, IEEE Computer Society Press 2001, [ pdf  ]
  • Policies for Using Replica Groups and their Effectiveness over the InternetMorgan, G. and Ezhilchelvan, P.D., In Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Networked Group Communication (NGC 2000), Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA, 8-10 November 2000   pp. 119-129, ACM Press, New York 2000, [ pdf  ]
  • Implementing Flexible Object Group Invocation in Networked SystemsMorgan, G. and Shrivastava, S.K., In Proceedings of the 2000 International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN 2000) (formerly FTCS-30 and DCCA-8), New York, USA, 25-28 June 2000   pp. 439-448, IEEE Computer Society Press 2000, [ pdf  ]
  • Issues in designing group invocation and management policies for using replica groups over the InternetMorgan, G. and Ezhilchelvan, P.D., In Proceedings of the International SRDS Workshop on Dependable System Middleware and Group Communication (DSMGC 2000). Held as part of the 19th IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS '00), Nürnberg, Germany, 16-18 October 2000, IEEE Computer Society 2000, [ pdf  ]
  • Implementing Scalable Networked Virtual Environments using Replicated VRML ServersMorgan, G. and Rischbeck, T., In Proceedings of the International SRDS Workshop on Object-Oriented Reliable Distributed Systems (WOODS 2000). Held as part of the 19th IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS '00), Nürnberg, Germany, 16-18 October 2000, IEEE Computer Society 2000, [  ]
  • Design and Implementation of a CORBA Fault-Tolerant Object Group ServiceMorgan, G., Shrivastava, S.K., Ezhilchelvan, P.D. and Little, M.C., In Proceedings of the 2nd IFIP TC 6 WG 6.1 International Working Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems (DAIS 1999), Helsinki, Finland, 28 June - 1 July 1999 Kutvonen, L., Koenig, H. and Tienari, M. (eds.), IFIP Conference Proceedings Volume 143 pp. 361-374, Kluwer Academic, Publishers 1999, [ pdf  ]

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