My "formal" home pages detail my computer science interests in Dependability and in the History of Computing. My perhaps less formal research activities concern Genealogy, though these have turned out to have a considerable overlap with my computing science interests, and have led to a number of student projects as well as publications! (I maintain the Devon pages of GENUKI, the UK & Ireland Genealogical Information Service.)

My other pastimes include walking and swimming, initially on medical advice, but now the former at least is pursued for its own sake, taking advantage of the superb Northumberland countryside. And I also collect antique maps of Wales, time and money permitting.

At times I probably give people the impression that computers are most important things in my life - more important still, of course are the people: especially my wife, our four "kids", and our six grandchildren. My wife Liz, still continuing her career as a French teacher though now only part-time, a few years ago completed an M.Litt degree in French Linguistics, and is now deeply involved in her Ph.D. Our daughter Jackie, married to Humbie (Ian Humberstone) and living in Aberdeenshire, is back part-time as an Inspector with the Health and Safety Executive, and coping very well with a super pair of six-year old identical twins, Dougal and Finlay, and a delightful three year old daughter Sula. Our own Ian is a Detective-Sergeant with Northumberland Police in Gateshead, married to Catherine, who is now back part-time in Northumbria Police as a Detective-Constable - they have an equally delightful one year old daughter Alice. Alun and his wife Shu-Ya, who he met when he was teaching in Taiwan, are now back there after several years in Newcastle, with their splendid seven year old son Max and one year old Owen. And our third son Gareth, after spending some time as a scuba-diving instructor, moved into IT and is now a Project Manager working at the UBS Investment Bank in London, and married to Jassi, who also works at UBS. (One day I might get round to adding some photos to this page! :-)

Note: while the University's new "official" listing of my publications is being completed, here is my own listing.

Brian Randell, 22 Jul 2007