Sadegh Soudjani

Sadegh Soudjani, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Computing, Newcastle University


Office 6.035, Urban Sciences Building
1 Science Square, Newcastle
NE4 5TG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 191 208 7856


  • Deadline extended: 01 March 2019. A PhD position available for a motivated student with background in Mathematics, Engineering, or Computer Science. See the advert here. General EPSRC condirtions apply to the position. Consider applying here in any case.
  • Opportunities available for Master thesis, interested local students contact me.
  • Jan. 2018 - Reviewing papers HSCC 2019 Repeatability.
  • Jan. 2019 - Participating in CASAP workshop.
  • Jan. 2019 - Giving a general presentation on CPS research for parents of undergrad students.
  • Jan. 2019 - I am a PC member of NSV 2019. Consider submitting papers.
  • Nov. 2018 - I am organising SNR 2019 workshop along with CPS-IoT Week. Consider submitting your papers.
  • Dec. 2018 - Reviewing papers for TAC, ECC, and TACAS.
  • Nov. 2018 - Submitted a paper to IEEE S&P with collaborators from MPI-SWS.
  • Nov. 2018 - I am in the PC of HSCC-RE 2019.
  • Oct. 2018 - Teaching "Computer Architecture" to stage 3 undergrad students.
  • Oct. 2018 - Taking part in curriculum review of "Computer Systems Design and Architecture" for 2019.
  • Oct. 2018 - Reviewing paper for Automatica.
  • Oct. 2018 - I am supervising three undergrad students for their BSc thesis projects.
  • Sep. 2018 - My paper wins the Best Paper Award at QEST conference. [paper] [News] [Award]
  • Sep. 2018 - Participated in the CASAP first module workshop.
  • Sep. 2018 - I am tutoring 5 MSc students doing Advanced Computer Science at Newcastle University.
  • Sep. 2018 - Marking two MSc theses (on stochastic simulation algorithms and on machine learning).
  • Sep. 2018 - Reviewing a proposal for Medical Research Council (MRC).
  • Aug. 2018 - Visiting Max Planck Institute for a week.
  • Jul. 2018 - I will be at ADHS conference in Oxford.
  • Jun. 2018 - I will be on the PhD panel of the School of Computing.
  • Jun. 2018 - Two papers accepted in Transactions on Automatic Control.
  • Jun. 2018 - A paper accepted in Journal of Process Control.
  • May 2018 - A paper accepted at QEST.
  • May 2018 - Giving a presentation at NODES seminar day, Newcastle.
  • May 2018 - Submitted a paper to ATVA conference, with my collaborators from TU Munich.
  • May 2018 - Reviewing papers for CDC, FORMATS, MoRe, Transaction on Industrial Electronics, Concurrency and Computation, Elsevier Journal of Applied Energy.
  • Apr. 2018 - Submitted a paper to ICCAD with my collaborators from Newcastle, TU Wien, and Stony Brook.
  • Apr. 2018 - Participated in CPS Week in Porto.
  • Apr. 2018 - Submitted two papers to QEST with my collaborators from MPI and TU Munich.
  • Mar. 2018 - Three papers accepted at ADHS.
  • Mar. 2018 - Done with lecturing MSc students a module entitled "Group Project in Computer Security and Resilience".
  • Mar. 2018 - Submitted a paper to Journal of Process Control with my collaborators from MPI and UPC Barcelona.
  • Jan. 2018 - Submitted three papers to ADHS with my collaborators from MPI, Caltech, and TU Munich
  • Dec. 2017 - My journal paper is accepted at TAC, submitting its final version
  • Dec. 2017 - My paper is accepted at HSCC conference, excited to be in Porto, thanks collaborators from TU Munich!
  • Dec. 2017 - Giving a presentation on my research in the colloquia of our school at Newcastle
  • Nov. 2017 - Seving as PC member of workshop on Multi-objective Reasoning in Verification and Synthesis (MoRe 2018) co-located with FLoC 2018 at Oxford, consider submitting your work!
  • Oct. 2017 - Serving as committee member of ADHS 2018 conference, consider submitting your work!
  • Oct. 2017 - Starting my new role as Assistant Professor (Lecturer, how it is called here in UK) in the School of Computing, Newcastle University
  • Sep. 2017 - Preparing relocation to Newcastle
  • Sep. 2017 - Presenting my work at QEST 2017 conference in Berlin, on "Multilevel Monte Carlo Method for Statistical Model Checking of Hybrid Systems"

Research Interests

Formal Synthesis, Abstraction, and Verification (over probabilistic temporal specifications), with application in Cyber-Physical Systems and Stochastic Hybrid Systems, particularly involving smart grids, power and energy networks, robotics, transportation systems, and systems biology


MoVeS (2010-2013), AMBI (2014-2015), Safe-CPS (2016-2017)

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