Research Projects

  • 2017
    • [FINISHED] Modeling energy constraints in industrial environments: this project aims to map and model energy consumption in large industrial cases where efficiency must be carefully handled. [this project was funded by CNPq: process number 403294/2016-9]
    • [FINISHED] Multiple scenarios simulation of manufactured products: one of the biggest problems when producing manufactured items concerns how to choose specific parameters to yield better outcomes. The objective of this project is to consider the creation of multiple simulation scenarios to measure different performance metrics for analysis. [this project was funded by the university's research council]
  • 2016
    • [FINISHED] Improving the efficiency of complex processes through scalable quantitative analysis techniques: In industry and clinical practice, business process models guide how processes are managed. The idea is to analyse medical contexts to inspect performance metrics such as throughput, response time, or utilization, which are often indicators of problematic regions within models. The objective is to improve health related processes and achieve better productivity while maintaining high quality for patients. This project is a collaboration with Univ of St Andrews, with Dr J. Bowles as PI. [this project was funded by the Newton Fund, process number NRCP1617/5/62]
  • 2015
    • [FINISHED] Modeling & Simulation of industrial processes with Design For Six Sigma (DFSS): industries aim to improve their processes through the application of continuous improvement techniques. The objective of this project is to investigate the relations between M&S with DFSS, a known method for achieving high quality measures within organizations. [this project was funded by the university's research council]

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