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Welcome! I have been working for the past years on the general topic of systems modelling and quantitative impact on dependability, i.e., availability, reliability, maintenance, performance, safety and security (plus confidentiality, integrity and non repudiation).

I am currently working at Newcastle University as a Research Associate with Dr Charles Morisset.
We are interested in working with modelling and simulation of security issues arising in smart infrastructures.

You will find on the following links some of my research interests, programming code snippets, questions about science, a few projects I was involved, selected publications, my PhD thesis, some software and my scientific and professional links.


non-functional properties of systems


You can reach me at:
Professional: ricardo.melo-czekster at newcastle dot ac dot uk
Personal: rczekster at gmail dot com

Ricardo Melo Czekster
School of Computing
Urban Sciences Building
Newcastle University
1 Science Square, Newcastle Helix
Room 6.025
Newcastle upon Tyne

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