One of the difficulties with a HydrogenBalloonNetwork is that the Hydrogen produced is fairly high up in the air, when in fact you want it at ground level.

The solution to this is a HydrogenStation. This is basically a big AirShip tethered to the ground. The HydrogenStation gathers balloons from the extracts the Hydrogen from them. The empty balloon is then transported down the tether.

You still have to get the Hydrogen down to the ground. You could do this by converting some of it to Electricity and using this to compress the rest. However, this requires some heavy containers which you have to transport back up all of which uses a lot of Energy.

My current favorite plan is to use a BioFuelGenerator which produces out Energy rich AlgaeCake, which, as it is not a gas, doesn't need a heavy container, as well as being in a form which is probably more usable than raw Hydrogen.

Updated: 06-05-08
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