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Current PhD students

  • Razgar Ebrahimy, who is working on the ITRC project and focuses on ICT failures and the impact on national infrastructure systems. He is also investigating the cyber security of some infrastructures and analysing the risks of Cyber threat on national infrastructure.
  • Troy Astarte, who is working on a historical analysis of programming language descriptions.

Former PhD students

  • Andrius Velykis, Newcastle 2015, Capturing Proof Process
  • Matthew Lovert, Newcastle 2013, Mechanisation of the logic of partial functions
  • John Hughes, Newcastle 2011, Proof Support Tool Based on Operational Semantics
  • Ken Pierce, Newcastle 2009, Atomicity in refinement
  • David Greathead, Newcastle 2008, Code comprehension (JS George Erdos and Joan Harvey)
  • Joey Coleman, Newcastle 2008, Operational semantics
  • Martin Ellis, Newcastle 2008, Compiler-generated function units
  • Tony Lawrie, Newcastle 2006, System dependability
  • Neil Henderson, Newcastle 2005, Asynch. communications (JS Fitzgerald)
  • Steve Hodges, Manchester 1996, Development of object-based programs
  • Juan Bicarregui, Manchester 1995, Model-oriented specification
  • Carlos de Figueiredo, Manchester 1994, Object-based languages
  • Alan Wills, Manchester 1993, Formal methods in OO
  • John Fitzgerald, Manchester 1991, Formal specification
  • Ketil Stølen, Manchester 1990, Parallel programs
  • Jean Alain Ah-Kee, Manchester 1989, Operation decomposition
  • Ralf Kneuper, Manchester 1989, Symbolic execution
  • Mario Wolczko, Manchester 1988, Semantics of OO language
  • Tobias Nipkow, Manchester 1987, Nondeterministic data types
  • Lynn Marshall, Manchester 1986, User interface description
  • Ann Welsh, Manchester 1984, Database programming
  • Kevin Jones, Manchester 1984, Formal development

Former MSc/MPhil students

  • Roberta Velykiene (MPhil), Newcastle 2013, Applications of Dependable Computing Concepts to National Infrastructure Systems
  • Joey Coleman (MPhil), Newcastle 2004, Features of BPEL Modelled via Structural Operational Semantics
  • (co-supervisor) Alessandra Devito-Cunha (MPhil) 2004, Personality Type and the Code-Review Task
  • Carles Sala-Oliveras (MPhil), Manchester 2002, Suggestions for the Development of Software
  • Javier Montaner (MSc), Manchester 1996, The Refinement Calculus for Timed Systems: Two Case Studies
  • Steven Dalton (MSc), Manchester 1995, An investigation into the Computability of Specifications
  • Stéphane Delplanque (MSc), Manchester 1995, Modeling a Stock Market in VDM
  • Eóin Woods (MSc), Manchester 1995, The Development of a Software Subsystem Using VDM and B
  • M.Y. Hong (MSc), Manchester 1990, Incremental Checking for a Graph-Based Syntax Directed Editor
  • S.Vadera (MSc), Manchester 1982, A Theory of Unification
  • Ann Welsh (MSc), Manchester 1982, The specification, design and implementation of NDB