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  • We have been awarded a three-year Leverhulme grant on Separation and Interference: learning from the history of concurrency. We have set the start date as November 2019.
  • Troy Astarte has submitted his PhD on the History of Language Semantics and has had his "viva" - his thesis will be available on-line after minor corrections have been made.
  • Razgar Ebrahimy has also completed his PhD (on Applying Fault Tolerance Techniques to Mitigate Failures in Cyber-Dependent Energy Systems) and has completed his corrections.
  • I will take part in Ian Hayes' ARC grant on Design and verification of correct, efficient and secure concurrent systems - in Australian terms, I'm one of the "Partner Investigators". The start date will be May 2019 and run for three years.
  • Concurrency: a joint paper with Nisansala Yatapanage on the limits of Rely/Guarantee relations has been accepted by Formal Aspects of Computing.
  • Two related papers on Concurrency project are: Reasoning about Separation Using Abstraction and Reification and Possible values: Exploring a concept for concurrency
  • At FM-2015, Cliff was awarded a (in fact, the first) FME Fellowship. The slides from the talk given are available as a PDF and the cited references.
  • There was a Conference in Oxford to mark the 100th anniversary of Christopher Strachey's birth.
  • Ian Hayes and I taught a Tutorial on concurrency at FM-2016.
  • The AI4FM project (joint with Alan Bundy's Edinburgh group) has officially finished but work continues on collecting the results (see more under AI4FM).
  • Ian and Cliff gave a tutorial on Concurrency at FM-2016 in Cyprus.
  • A paper "Revising Basic Theorem Proving Algorithms to Cope with the Logic of Partial Functions" on the mechanisation of the Logic of Partial Functions has been published.
  • The FM 2014 Symposium in Singapore was a great success. The proceedings are published as an LNCS volume. (See above re FM-2015 in Oslo).
  • Publication of a Festschrift for Brian Randell (Cliff was co-editor).