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  • I am funded by the Leverhulme Trust to study and record the history of formal approaches to the development of concurrent software. The project (RPG-2019-020) finishes in 2023. Troy Astarte was a post-Doc (RA) on the project until his recent move to Swansea University. We each spoke at the HaPoC conference in October 2021 and papers are just appearing in Minds and Machines (pointers to follow).
  • Two recent opportunities to reflect were a talk at BCTCS in Swansea and a joint (FAC) paper with Martyn Thomas.
  • "Theories of programming: the life and works of Tony Hoare" has been published by ACM (co-edited with Jayadev Misra).
  • "Understanding Programming Languages" has been published by Springer. A set of slides that could form the basis of a taught course is available as a Zip file --- (please read the information at the beginning of root.tex) the slides are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Creative Commons License
  • I am a "Partner Investigator" on Ian Hayes' Australian Research Council grant on Design and verification of correct, efficient and secure concurrent systems. This project runs from May 2019 for three (plus) years.
  • Although the EPSRC Strata Platform Grant has finished the strong collaboration with Prof. Alan Burns at York continues: we had a paper at ECRTS-22, another joint paper has appeared in a Festschrift and a journal paper is under revision.
  • I have an on-line library of semantics with scanned versions of many source documents that are not easy to obtain. In many cases these documents are now searchable.
  • Troy Astarte submitted and defended his PhD thesis on the History of Language Semantics.
  • Razgar Ebrahimy also completed his PhD (on Applying Fault Tolerance Techniques to Mitigate Failures in Cyber-Dependent Energy Systems) and now works at the Technical University of Denmark.
  • Concurrency: a joint paper with Nisansala Yatapanage on the limits of Rely/Guarantee relations has been published in Formal Aspects of Computing.
  • Two related papers on Concurrency research are: Reasoning about Separation Using Abstraction and Reification and Possible values: Exploring a concept for concurrency
  • At FM-2015, Cliff was awarded a (in fact, the first) FME Fellowship. The slides from the talk given are available as a PDF and the cited references.
  • There was a Conference in Oxford to mark the 100th anniversary of Christopher Strachey's birth.
  • Ian Hayes and I taught a Tutorial on concurrency at FM-2016.
  • The AI4FM project (joint with Alan Bundy's Edinburgh group) has officially finished but work continues on collecting the results (see more under AI4FM).
  • The FM 2014 Symposium in Singapore was a great success. The proceedings are published as an LNCS volume. (See above re FM-2015 in Oslo).