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Separation and interference: learning from the history of concurrency
(Leverhulme Trust project RPG-2019-020)

Cliff Jones has a Leverhulme grant to study and document the history of research on formal methods for concurrency. The three year project (RPG-2019-020) started November 2019. This work will produce a book (authors Jones and Astarte). These web pages have been initiated in order to make material available incrementally.

Supporting material

Current book structure

(Please see the Note)
  • Chapter 1 Introduction: summary
  • Chapter 2 Formal approaches to sequential programs: draft
  • Chapter 3 Concurrency challenges: summary
  • Chapter 4 Post-facto program verification: draft
  • Chapter 5 Compositional development of concurrent programs: draft
  • Chapter 6 Atomicity: summary
  • Chapter 7 Logics for reasoning about sequences of events: summary
  • Chapter 8 Communication-based concurrency:n summary
  • Chapter 9 Other material: summary
  • Chapter 10 Conclusions: summary
  • References

Other recent outputs include:

  • My 2022 BCTCS talk was recorded but is not yet on-line.
  • A FAC journal paper (joint with Martyn Thomas) focusses on the deployment of formal methods results.
  • Troy Astarte and I both spoke at the 2021 HaPoC event and have prepared papers for the post-conference proceedings (pointers soon)