GEDCOM Estimator

Source code and documentation

At this page, you can download the source code for the program and view detailed documentation for it. You don't need the source code to run the program, so please refer to the download page if you only want to run the program as it is.

As the author of the program, I don't mind if you download the source code and do whatever changes to it you would like to. I would however appriciate it if you would e-mail changes you have done to Also remember that the code is copyrighted. You are not allowed to use it as part of or basis for a commercial system without explicit permission from the author Vegard Brox. Neither are you allowed to charge money for the program as it is. All other use of the program and source code is OK. Don't download the source code or program unless you agree to these terms.

For design documentation and more high-level explanations to how the program has been implemented, please refer to the dissertation.

A set of HTML documents with doumentation of the various classes in the program has been made using the Javadoc tool in Sun's Java Development Kit. These documents provide specifications of all the methods in the classes with explanations to what they do, what parameters they take, the return value etc. Click here to view the javadoc documents.

The actual source code is available to download as the file (31 KB). It contains the java source files of all the classes that are part of the program.

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