Herb Filing Cabinet

In another chapter in my slow but inevitable decline toward middle mediocrity, I've recently discovered that you can store fresh herbs, by choping and freezing them; once you bung them into your curry (or what ever thing you wanted to cook, assuming that there is an alternative), they come out good as new.

However, there is a problem. You need something to keep them in. Often, you have a very small amount of each herb; unless you have a very small container, then more room gets take up by the empty space. You then also have the problem that finding the right container if you use lots of herbs (and, lets face it, since Jamie Oliver who is going to admit to not using lots of herbs).

So, my solution; a filing cabinet. I was thinking of a box about the size of a card index box. Inside this would be a fold-out set of dividers, made of some kind of plastic on runners, forming pockets between them. You could fill each pocket up with herbs. When you had lots of one kind, it's pocket would just take up more space. When you had little, it would take up little space. Basically, exactly the same as a filing cabinet.

Updated: 18-10-18
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