When you come out of a Swimming Pool, there are always a set of hair-dryers near the changing room. I never really understood this. Hair will dry out all by itself, given time. Okay, so it is worth admitting here that I don't have that much hair on my head, which means that it dries out particularly quickly.

There is one part of your body that really does need drying, however, which is your ear. You can get a drop of water stuck in there, and it can stay there for ages. I've had water running around my ear for many hours after the swim.

There are a number a different methods for getting these water drops out of your ear. The most obvious way is to stick some toilet roll down your ear. The problem with this is that it's rather risky; you can damage your ear drum quite easily if you push too far.

Another nice idea I heard, was the use of alcohol, probably propanol. A drop of this in the ear will loosen the surface tension of the water, which is the main reason that it won't come out.

My idea, though, is a gentle hot air blower, which blows air through a small pipette type device, which would dry the ear out nicely. So long as the air is not blown too hard, it should not cause any damage.

Updated: 18-10-18
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