This document describes the technical pre-requisities for the Tawny-OWL tutorial. These are the things that you will need installed on your machine to be able to follow the tutorial through.

Quite a few of these involve large downloads, hence this pre-requisities document. Things will go much quicker if a substantial number of participants have done this before hand!

Tawny Tutorial

Other Technical Pre-Requisites

Installing JVM

  • You will need Java 1.7 or upward

  • 1.8 or upward is recommended


  • Or use your OS package manager

  • You need JDK, not just Java

Installing Leiningen

Testing the Pre-Requisities

  • In the terminal/cmd, in tawny-tutorial directory

lein run

  • There will be a long download period then:

The Tawny Tutorial is Installed and Ready


  • Not really a pre-requisite

  • One part will use it if available

Or: the alternative

  • Install some Clojure IDE/Environment

  • Emacs with CIDER is my environment of choice

  • Eclipse with Counter Clockwise.

  • VIM Fireplace

  • Any of the many other options

  • If you do this, you are on your own…

  • You will get a much stronger editing environment thanotherwise