In my spare time I like writing mystery/thriller novels. I'm interested in the kind of mystery/crime fiction that are actually character studies, analysing human behaviour and exploring the world we live in, such as books by Raymond Chandler and detective TV series from the 60's to 90's. For more information about my reading interests, visit my Goodreads page.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy energetic sports like running, squash, tennis and swimming.
I also like playing the electric guitar and drawing.

My photo was selected for the UQ Sustainability photo competition Flickr photo stream 2013.

My father Kamal Yatapanage was a physicist. We worked together on the Minerosion3.01 project. Only some of his papers are available online, e.g.:
Yatapanage, K. G. and Post, K. Measurement of 3-D Facial Contours for the Design of Half-face Respirators, American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal. 53(1):19-26. (1992). Download

Visit my sister Sadhana Yatapanage's page.