09.00 10.00 Keynote talk: Gerard Holzman


10.05 10.15 PASM Welcome


10.15 10.55 Session 1.


Dimitrios Milios and Stephen Gilmore. Markov chain simulation with fewer random samples


Igor Tarasyuk, Hermenegilda Macia and Valentin Valero. Discrete time stochastic Petri box calculus with immediate multiactions


11.00 11.30 Coffee Break


11.30 12.30 Session 2.


Jasen Markovski, Enrique Estens Musa and Michel Reniers. Extending a Synthesis-Centric Model-Based Systems Engineering Framework with Stochastic Model Checking


Elvio Gilberto Amparore and Susanna Donatelli. Backward solution of Markov chains and Markov Renewal Processes: formalization and applications


Joaquim Assuncao, Luciana Espindola, Paulo Fernandes, Maria Pivel and Afonso Sales. A structured stochastic model for prediction of geological stratal stacking patterns


12.30 13.30 Lunch


13.30 14.30 Keynote Talk: Bill Sanders


14.30 -15.30 Session 3.


Kanat Aidarov, Paul Ezhilchelvan and Isi Mitrani. Energy-aware management of customer streams


Fengling Zhang, Lei Bu, Linzhang Wang, Jianhua Zhao and Xuandong Li. Modeling and Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Network Protocols by Stochastic Timed Automata


Enrico Barbierato, Gian-Luca Dei Rossi, Marco Gribaudo, Mauro Iacono and Andrea Marin. Exploiting product form solution techniques in multiformalism modeling


15.30 16.00 Break


16.00 17.00 Session 4.


Allan Clark, Stephen Gilmore, Maria Luisa Guerriero and Jane Hillston. Conservation of Mass Analysis for Bio-PEPA


Erin Scott, Andrew Hoyle and Carron Shankland. PEPAd Oysters: Converting Dynamic Energy Budget Models to Bio-PEPA, illustrated by a Pacific oyster case study


Allan Clark, Stephen Gilmore, Anastasis Georgoulas, Jane Hillston, Ian Stark, Chris Banks and Dimitrios Milios. Stochastic Modelling of the Kai-based Circadian Clock