8:45     Registration


9:15     Welcome and opening address: Workshop Co-chairs


9:30     Keynote presentation:


Bus modelling in Zoned disks RAID storage systems

Peter Harrison and Soraya Zertal


10:30   Coffee break


11:00   Session 1: Applications in Biochemistry


Integrated Simulation and Model-Checking for the Analysis of Biochemical Systems

Federica Ciocchetta, Stephen Gilmore, Maria Luisa Guerriero and Jane Hillston


An Irreversibility Study of the Interactions between Cdk and APC in the Budding Yeast Cell-Cycle

Paolo Ballarini, Tommaso Mazza, Alida Palmisano and Attila Csikasz-Nagy


11:50   Session 2: Petri Nets Applications


Performance Analysis of the ARIA Adaptive Media Processing Workflows using Colored Petri Nets

Maurizio Garelli and Marco Gribaudo


Automated Customer-Centric Performance Analysis of Generalised Stochastic Petri Nets Using Tagged Tokens

Nicholas Dingle and William Knottenbelt


12:40   Lunch Break


14:00   Session 3: Computer applications (1)


A Statistically Customisable Web Benchmarking Tool

Katja Gilly, Carlos Quesada-Granja, Salvador Alcaraz, Carlos Juiz, Ramon Puigjaner


Application of Queueing Network Models in the Performance Evaluation of Database Designs

Rasha Osman, Irfan Awan, Michael E. Woodward


Diffusion approximation model of multiserver stations with losses

Tadeusz Czachórski, Jean-Michel Fourneau, Tomasz Nycz and Ferhan Pekergin


15:15   Tea/Coffee Break


15:45   Session 4: Computer Applications (2)


Performance Analysis of a Software Retrieval Service

Leïla Kloul


Modelling Grid5000 point availability with SAN

Leonardo Brenner, Paulo Fernandes, Jean-Michel Fourneau and Brigitte Plateau


16:35   Workshop Close