CSC2025 Minix and C Programming Exercises and Resources

These pages describe the preparatory exercises to complete for CSC2025 Operating Systems. There are also links to some useful Minix and C programming resources. Lecture slides, ReCap lectures and assessed coursework specifications are available from the module page in Blackboard (requires login).

To help you recover from mistakes, a clean Minix 3.2.1 Virtual Box VM and the source code tree (from /usr/src) are now available.

Preparatory Exercises

You should attempt all of the following exercises in teaching weeks 2 to 4 of the module.

Note: you do NOT need Minix to practice C programming

  1. C programming exercises
  2. Minix setup
  3. Setting up a host machine/Minix shared folder
  4. Minix familiarisastion
  5. Minor Minix modification
  6. Preparation for assignment 2 on writing system calls and associated library functions (changing the OS interface):

It is essential you are familiar with Minix and C in order to complete the assessed coursework. If you cannot setup your Minix VM because you cannot create enough space in your home directory, you can practice C programming until a solution is found. Note, you can create space by deleting items from your Downloads folder or by removing unnecessary media files.

Some things to note when you are using your Minix VM

Nick Cook