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I am a Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Degree Programme Director in the School of Computing at Newcastle University.

I teach the following:

As UG DPD I oversee our school outreach and widening participation in the School. Much of this work comes under the umbrella of CAS North East, including delivery of the Isaac Computer Science programme for A level teachers and students in the North East.

I became a lecturer in 2006. Before that, I was a research associate and completed my PhD at Newcastle. I have worked for the School of Computing (formerly School/Department of Computing Science) since August 1989. For the first 11 years I was a research administrator on European projects.

My publications mostly relate to non-repudiation. If that is of interest, you should also look at Jianying Zhou's non-repudiation bibliograpy. My CV is here and my School profile is here. Some of the bookmarks I have found useful are available on Netvouz.

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