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Maryam Mehrnezhad
Research Fellow in Computing Science
Secure & Resilient Systems (SRS)
School of Computing Science, Newcastle University, UK
Email: maryam.mehrnezhad@ncl.ac.uk
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PhD Thesis: On the Security of Mobile Sensors

Research projects

Mobile Sensors Human Dimensions

Publications: EuroUSEC2016, International Journal of Information Security 2017
Individual interviews: Mobile Sensors Interview Results
Group workshop: PowerPoint Presentation File, App Permission Review Results

Mobile Sensors JavaScript Attacks

Publications: ASIACCS2015, Journal of Information Security and Applications 2016
PINs Data Collection js Code
Collected Data for 4-digit PINs
Help on data collection code and collected data set

Mobile NFC Payment

Publications:SSR2015, SSR2016
Tap-Tap and Pay Data Collection Android Code
Collected Data for Double Tappings
TTP Guide Video

Picture-based CAPTCHAs

Publications: International Journal of Information Security 2016