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Anaylsing selenocysteine sentence reuse and flow.

31 August, 2011 (11:17) | Annotation Quality, Sentence reuse, Website | By: mj_bell

The sentence “Selenocysteine is encoded by the opal codon.” was previously discussed, having been identified through a network view of sentence usage within Swiss-Prot version 9. Our interest was mainly due to it being present in two entries in different interconnected groups. In that blog entry we looked at the similarities (or lack of) between […]

Producing web-based dynamic graphs

5 August, 2011 (13:05) | Sentence reuse, Uncategorized, Website | By: mj_bell

As part of my work on sentence reuse I have been investigating ways to visualise various sets of data on my website. An obvious requirement of this is that the graphs must be developed dynamically; the resulting graph depending on a users query. We also have to account for various types of data, not just […]

Word Clouds (Swiss-Prot and TrEMBL)

21 March, 2011 (16:37) | Annotation Quality, Miscellaneous, Website | By: mj_bell

During my analysis of Swiss-Prot and TrEMBL datasets I have extracted all the words from each version of each dataset and counted their occurrences. A neat way of looking at this data is to create word clouds. I have done this for all versions of Swiss-Prot and TrEMBL. These can be seen with common words […]

Blog and Website Updates

28 February, 2011 (16:39) | Website | By: mj_bell

Having discussed the progress of my website in various blog posts, it has now got to a stage where it can go live. You can view it by clicking the link in the top right, or go to http://www.michaeljbell.co.uk. I have also set myself up a twitter page (@mjbell). In addition to this I’ve also […]

Twitter Integration

9 February, 2011 (12:49) | Website | By: mj_bell

As I continue to improve my web presence, I am hoping each blog post will generate a new Twitter post…so this should appear on my twitter feed! (@mj_bell)

String Searching

3 February, 2011 (14:56) | Projects, String Searching, Website | By: mj_bell

Continuing with my adding of content to my website, I added my undergraduate dissertation project earlier today. My project, titled “Animating String Searching Algorithms”, looked at building a teaching tool for string searching algorithms. The development of the tool was done in Java and as a couple of years have now passed since I created […]

Coming along nicely…

2 February, 2011 (16:41) | Website | By: mj_bell

The webpage is coming along nicely. The design is pretty much sorted, just need to add the content now. I’ve also setup a twitter account (@mj_bell) which I have integrated into the webpage, along with updates from my CiteULike library. Once the website is fully up and running, I will start tweeting! The blog and […]

The start…

31 January, 2011 (15:46) | Website | By: mj_bell

First post on a new blog. Bought a domain name (http://www.michaeljbell.co.uk) and now got the blog up and running… Just finishing off the web page, which is still a little while off completion. Hopefully be done in a day or two. Then I can start blogging some more interesting stuff!