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Category: String Searching

Turing Lecture with Prof Donald Knuth

11 February, 2011 (15:24) | Lecture, Miscellaneous, String Searching | By: mj_bell

Yesterday I attended the BCS and IET Turing Lecture in Glasgow. This year the lecture was given by Donald Knuth. Saying it was a lecture was slightly mis-leading, as it was basically a question and answer session. This was part 4 of the lectures, having also given the lecture at Manchester, Cardiff and London. I’d […]

String Searching

3 February, 2011 (14:56) | Projects, String Searching, Website | By: mj_bell

Continuing with my adding of content to my website, I added my undergraduate dissertation project earlier today. My project, titled “Animating String Searching Algorithms”, looked at building a teaching tool for string searching algorithms. The development of the tool was done in Java and as a couple of years have now passed since I created […]