Graphical Passwords

- Will your doodle keep the hackers away?


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Try it out

- To help our research and win yourself an iPod Shuffle!

Drop by our exhibit in the Royal Society (London) to try out our leading graphical password system on Monday 30 June - Thursday 3 July 2008.

We will display our graphical password prototypes developed for PDAs, tablet computers and web, among others.

To encourage visitors to create their own graphical passwords, we will have a daily lucky draw, with iPod shuffles, memory sticks and music vouchers as prizes on offer! Passwords you will have created can contribute much to creation of new knowledge and technology if you agree us to use them (on an anonymous basis) in our ongoing and future research - we appreciate very much your kind assistance!

Directions and opening times can be found at here.

Prize winners

Congratulations to the following winners:

iPod Shuffle

5 (Edward James)
127 (Rob Hine)
175 (Rebecca Hawes)
283 (Howard Dell)

USB memory stick

1 (Alice Raire), 25 (James Murdy), 37 (Ali), 62 (Sam Love), 59 (Gordon)
11 (Lucy Tisch), 63 (Pipa B-G), 130 (Charlotte Thackery), 58 (Kate Miller), 38 (Andrew Wilkinson)
170 (Louise Terry), 61 (Tom Beale), 128 (Kabie P katiepadrnos), 117 (Tristan Milbourn), 182 (Bob Watson)
120 (Swarupa Dawada), 23 (Fran), 113 (Duncan Stuart), 265 (Christoph Schwitzer), 274 (Graham Miller)

HMV music gift card

68 (Sam Rayner), 119 (Aidan Thompson), 191 (Sam Eaton), 71 (Fiona Revell), 173 (Grace Pass), 184 (Oliver Olywayman)
89 (Jeremy Hill), 101 (Dellyth Jones), 155 (Jamie Dunsmore), 94 (Holie Southey), 78 (Thomas Bowens), 147 (Sebastion Zajaczkowski)
125 (Rob Gurd), 82 (Charlotte Hall), 97 (Alex Krauze), 111 (Kirslie Helherington), 90 (George Ross), 185 (Saul A Kohn)
133 (Nawar Al-Zebari), 109 (Deranka Pathak), 34 (Ben Farr), 36 (Sheena Muji), 281 (Reuben Steenkamp), 102 (S. Lister)


This exhibit is sponsored by Microsoft Research, Cambridge and by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). EPSRC is a member of Research Councils UK, the strategic partnership of the seven UK Research Councils.

We are grateful to Apple Europe and Hewlett-Packard UK for providing equipment and devices on free loan for this exhibit.

We also acknowledge kind support offered by:

Exhibit Team

Please send Questions or Comments to Jeff Yan. We are in particular interested to hear your experience of using our prototypes, comments and suggestions on improving them. You are also more than welcome to send us passwords related stories. Thanks!

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