My primary research is in the area of Stochastic Simulation Algorithms (SSA) used to execute biochemical models. This class of algorithm was first introduced by Gillespie and gives a discrete, mechanistic account of a biological system's temporal evolution. The SSA is an important tool in the areas of Systems and Synthetic Biology, for use in knowledge discovery via hypothesis testing and to aid in the design of genetic circuits. These algorithms are computationally expensive and I am investigating how they can scale for the demands of modern biology.




  • Meta-stochastic Simulation of Biochemical Models for Systems & Synthetic Biology (SUBMITTED)
    Daven Sanassy, Paweł Widera, Natalio Krasnogor
    ACS Synthetic Biology Journal
  • Modelling and Stochastic Simulation of Synthetic Biological Boolean Gates
    Daven Sanassy, Harold Fellermann, Natalio Krasnogor, Savas Konur, Laurentiu M. Mierla, Marian Gheorghe, Christophe Ladroue, Sara Kalvala
    16th IEEE International Conference on High Performance and Communications
  • Modeling and Analysis of Genetic Boolean Gates Using the Infobiotics Workbench
    Savas Konur, Christophe Ladroue, Harold Fellermann, Daven Sanassy, Laurentiu Mierla, Florentin Ipate, Sara Kalvala, Marian Gheorghe, Natalio Krasnogor
    VEMDP, 26th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification


  • Improving Computational Efficiency in Stochastic Simulation Algorithms for Systems and Synthetic Biology
    D Sanassy, J Blakes, J Twycross, N Krasnogor
    SynBioCCC, 11th European Conference on Artificial Life
  • Usability of technology supported social competence training for children on the autism spectrum
    Patrice L Weiss, Eynat Gal, Massimo Zancanaro, Leonardo Giusti, Sue Cobb, Laura Millen, Tessa Hawkins, Tony Glover, Daven Sanassy, Sigal Eden
    2011 International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation
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