Computing Science


Northern Informatics Applications Agency

In late 1993 I became involved in a project to improve data networking provisions in the North of England, and to promote their effective use by all sectors of the community. This project resulted in the setting up of NiAA, the Northern Informatics Applications Agency. I served for several years as a member of NiAA's Management Group, until my attempts to delegate this to others bore fruit! NiAA existed, and worked to good effect, for seven years.

Here is a tutorial exploration of the Web, that I prepared for a series of NiAA-sponsored workshops - it is based on a similar such exploration that I was invited to give at the British Association's Annual Festival of Science, which was held in Newcastle in 1995. (Of a rather different character, here is a page I have produced on the controversy caused by Professor Harold Thimbleby's lecture at this meeting.

Brian Randell, 11 Apr 2003