BinCam is a collaborative research project between the Digital Interaction group at Newcastle University, LiSC at Lincoln University (Prof. Shaun Lawson) and the the Department of Social Psychology at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Prof. Nicole Krämer).

BinCam is a social persuasive system - developed by Jack Weeden and Ashur Rafiev - to monitor individuals’ food waste and recycling behavior. BinCam is a two-part system designed to increase individuals’ awareness of their food waste and recycling behaviour. It uses a standard kitchen bin augmented with a mobile phone to automatically capture and log an individual’s waste management activity. Photos are tagged using a crowd sourcing service and uploaded to the BinCam application on a social network site, which encourages playful engagement and reflection upon a user’s personal bin data. People can review and share communications about the bin-related behaviour of themselves and others. Applying Facebook as a platform for reflection offers the potential to engage individuals to regularly use the application.

For more information about the project, visit its website: BinCam Website

More information can also be found here:

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