about me

Since 2010, I am a phD student in Computing Science based in Culture Lab at Newcastle University.

Before, I did a Bachelor and Masters degree in Applied Cognition and Media Sciences at the University of Duisburg-Essen. During my time in Duisburg I worked as a student assistant in the Department of Cognitive Psychology, Department of Interactive Systems and Interaction Design and the Department of Social Psychology: Media and Communication.

My PhD explores the role of digital technology and interaction design in supporting the wellbeing of individuals’ suffering from mental illness such as clinical depression, borderline personality disorder or dementia. It aims to supplement existing health care practices in providing functionality that supports individuals’ copings with emotional distress, helps them form and maintain positive interpersonal relationships, to foster a sense of self and identity, and to motivate engagement in activities that make life more meaningful. The research involves a number of projects ranging from formal community based settings to work with individuals who have completed programmes of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) as well as hospital inpatients receiving DBT (dialictical behavioral therapy), alongside other health-supporting interventions.

My PhD research is supervised by Thomas Meyer, Patrick Olivier and Peter Wright, and co-supervised by Jayne Wallace (Northumbria University) and Siân Lindley (Microsoft Research Cambridge).