Security, Trust and Privacy for People and Organisations

Our group takes the perspective of the user and the decision-maker, and asks the questions: how can we run IT, make decisions about IT, and implement IT such that the business is secured but efficient and people feel safe but can be productive.

We provide new, scalable technologies and methodologies in pursue of the holy grail: make deicions, operate and optimise information systems for the proven good of an organisation without any human intervention. That will never succeed completely, but it poses us interesting research targets. Our research is based on sound foundations in systems research. Our research is heavy on quantification, combining system measurement with mathematical modelling and system implementation. We build software and systems, apply math, and invent algorithms and architectures.


Current Projects

Past Projects



  • Marios-Simon Andreou, PhD 2009, PhD student 2005-2009, School demonstrator 2008-2009, now with RedHat Labs
  • Ravi Teja Dodda, Guest Member of Staff (2008)
  • Christiaan Lamprecht, PhD student 2004-2009, now with Logica
  • Rajender Naik, Guest Member of Staff (2009)
  • Dariusz Pienkowski, Postdoctoral Research Associate (Business School, 2008-2009)
  • Gemma Rendall, Summer student (2010)
  • Emerson Ribeiro de Mello, Guest Member of Staff (2006)
  • Dasha Stepanova, Guest member of staff (2008-09)
  • Zhiyu Sun, Guest Member of Staff (2008)
  • Katinka Wolter, Senior Research Associate (2009), Guest Member of Staff (2007, 2008)


Our papers automatically appear at the author's school pages, so most can be found at Aad's page (unless, of course, Aad is not an author...).


Contact Info

See Aad's homepage for virtual coordinates, or go to the Cybercrime Centre pages for all info in how to physically get to our building.
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