I am a competent PhD student with an enthusiastic approach towards gaining new experiences and facing difficult challenges. I am currently a member of Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems (ICOS) research group. I enjoy working with people and solving problems in a logical and systematic way. I am planning on completing my doctorate degree in Computer Science in 2015 from Newcastle University.


The focal point of my research is in the area of DNA nanotechnology and molecular self-assembly. Particularly, I am interested in answering the question of how nano self-assembly could be programmed to perform arbitrary tasks. This work involves operating on diverse science areas embracing Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence as well as Natural Science, especially Biology, Biochemistry and Physics.


  1. Natalio Krasnogor
  2. Harold Fellermann



  • Synthesis of Busy Beaver in Biochemical Automaton Space
    Jerzy Kozyra, BSc dissertation, University of Nottingham, UK Download Prezi
    IBM Individual Project Prize: awarded for the most outstanding overall Individual project



  • Programming synthetic scaffolds for DNA origami
    Toward Programmable Biology, European Conference on Artificial Life, York, UK

  • Programming synthetic scaffolds for DNA origami
    International Synthetic and Systems Biology Summer School, Taormina, Italy

  • DNA nanotechnology rendez-vous with synthetic biology
    ICOS seminar, Newcastle University, UK

  • Programming synthetic scaffolds for DNA origami
    Centre for Synthetic Biology and Bioexploitation Collaboration Meeting, Newcastle University, UK
    1st prize: awarded for the best poster presentation


  • Why your friends have more frinds than you do: Friendship Paradox in complex networks
    ICOS seminar, Newcastle University, UK Download


  • DNA Origami with synthetic scaffolds
    ICOS seminar (news), University of Nottingham, UK Download


  • DNA Origami: towards programmable self-assembly
    ICOS seminar, University of Nottingham, UK Download


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